3rd Annual Shakti Film Festival

Shakti Society is a non profit society committed to empowering women, families and children through community forums, Shakti Awards, annual wellness days, women’s luncheons and healing circles. Our mission is to support all members of society, especially women, in finding their power and amplifying their voices to become strong leaders and advocates for themselves and the community. We have introduced various initiatives that help ‘awaken the power within’ and create dialogue around feminism and gender equality. The Shakti Film Festival is our latest undertaking in our mission to increase and acknowledge women’s contribution to our society and their representation in film.
Through the Shakti Film Festival, we aim to promote women filmmakers, including directors, producers, writers, production crew and films that portray women as strong, empowered, and realistic characters. As a predominantly women driven non-profit, Shakti Society has addressed the influence of media and films on violence against women and we will be focussing and promoting films that showcase women in strong roles as well as filmmakers who are often marginalized due to various barriers, like race, colour, finances, language, disability, sexual orientation and various health issues including mental health.
We will be hosting our 3nd Annual film festival At Surrey City Hall Theatre where films will be screened over two days, October 7th and 8th, in honour of the International Day of the Girl Child. We will be inviting local film and media personalities as well as community leaders to engage in action oriented discussions about the role that media plays in shaping society and how we, as consumers of media also play a big part in creating our culture.

$45 for Festival Pass - admission to both days, opening reception and closing gala
$25 for one day admission (There is a $3.00 service charge for each ticket through Ticket Master)

What we do

Create Awareness

To create awareness around current issues impacting women, children and families through media and public forums.


To collaborate with similar societies and initiatives in Canada to enhance services available to women, children and families


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